• Highly experienced physiotherapists who travel to your home
  • Evidence-based treatment plans to fit your specific goals and needs
  • Specialised in Women's Health conditions and Lymphoedema Management

Aged Care Physiotherapy

  • Pain Mangement

  • Falls Prevention

  • Exercises Rehabilitation Program

Home Physiotherapy

  • NDIS

  • Musculoskeletal conditions/Sport injuries

  • Work Cover injuries

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents (CTP)

  • Pre and Post-operative Care

Other Physiotherapy Services

  • Lymphoedema Management

  • Women's Health

  • Pelvic Floor Training

  • Antenatal and Postnatal Care

  • Reformer Pilates

Why see us

We will complete a full assessment and conduct physiotherapy-specific tests so that your progress can be easily tracked and to help us identify a positive change in your condition. With your consent, we may even use video footages to track progress.


Common Conditions
  • Low back pain and Sciatica

  • Sports injuries

  • Shoulder, elbow and knee conditions

  • Headache, neck and shoulder pain/tension

NDIS Therapy
  • NDIS assessment

  • Individualised exercises program

  • Pain management

  • Re-assessments against outcome measures

    Lymphoedema Management
    • Compression bandaging

    • Compression garment prescription

    • Manual lymphatic drainage/self-lymphatic drainage

    • Skin care

    • Individualized exercise program

    • Prospective surveillance and early intervention

    Women's Health
    • Antenatal and postnatal care

    • Pelvic floor training

    • Pilates exercise program

    • Overactive Bladder/Urinary Incontinence

    • Pelvic Organ Prolapse

    Postnatal Physiotherapy

    • You are not alone

      • 1 in 2 Pregnant women suffers from back pain

      • 1 in 3 Women suffers from Urinary Incontinence

      • 1 in 4 Women suffers with symptoms of Pelvic Organ Prolapse

      It's recommended to have a postnatal check on pelvic floor muscles at 6 weeks postpartum.
    • Women's Health Conditions:

      • Pelvic girdle pain/Sacroiliac joint pain

      • Carpal tunnel syndrome

      • Pelvic floor muscles dysfunction

      • Urinary Incontinence

      • Prolapse

      • Return to sport check

      • Perineal tears, Episiotomies, C-section scar management

      • Diastasis Recti

    Clincial Reformer Pilates

    • Improve posture awareness 

    • Focus on breath control 

    • Improve muscles and joints flexibility 

    • Improve core strength

    • Improve balance and coordination 

    What is Lymphoedema?

    Lymphoedema is the accumulation of excessive amounts of interstitial fluid in the tissues resulting in chronic swelling and other associated symptoms in one or more regions of the body.

    The cancers most commonly associated with post-treatment lymphoedema include breast, prostate, testis, uterus, cervix and ovary, lymphoma, melanoma and various head and neck tumors.

    Risk factors: Lymph node surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and high body mass index.